Welcome to the event photography section.

Event reportage photos are vital for businesses and marketing efforts, serving as powerful visual tools to convey brand stories and engage audiences. Compelling event photography captures the essence of events, enhances brand visibility, and drives audience interaction, making it a cornerstone of effective marketing strategies.

Photo reportage for the conference

Photo reportage for the Russian Blockchain Week event

Photo report of the multi-format conference and exhibition Blockchain Week. The conference brought together more than 1,500 guests from different areas of blockchain, trading, cryptocurrencies, and investments.
Photographs of this conference were made for partners and participants, and used by the in social media.

Promo event photo reportage

Photo reportage of corporate promo event for the client of travel agency Pac Group.

Photo reportage for a yoga studio

Photographs made during open yoga class in Retunskiy Yoga studio (now Sattva). The studio used this photo reportage for promotion purposes on their social networks, including Instagram.

An exhibition photo report

Photo report from the exhibition opening. Personal exhibition of Vladimir Yudanov called «Collected Works».

An offsite corporate event photo report

Photoshoot of an offsite corporate event for Citibank Russia held in a golf club. Photographs were made for corporate partners, clients, and bank employees. Photoreportage was used on the corporate intranet and reports.

Family festival photo reportage

Photographs from the spring family event «Maslenitsa» held by Seasons Project publisher in Moscow Hermitage Garden.